Montana State University
BFA in Graphic Design 2021
Senior Portfolios

Best Shot


*Welcome to our BFA in Graphic Design portfolio showcase. As designers we are all subjected to an unspoken responsibility: we never stop being students. We are duty-bound to be lifelong learners.  

As illustrators, writers, animators, researchers, innovators and designers, we are prepared to fearlessly navigate the adversity ahead. It doesn’t matter what challenges are before us because no matter what—we’re going to give it our best shot.

GDSN 2021

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Emily Louise Abel
Rin Bench
Austin Berg
Rylee Dunn
Shawn Farnum
Henry Fellabaum
Hailey Henrikson
Mckenna Hillier
Jade Hugelen
Marco Huot
Erin Hurd
Nicki Irwin
Liz Jones
Clara Jo Thamke
Kale Kelsey
Riley Legare
Kalli Lawrence
Henry MacEachern
Ian McKay
Grace Mesenko
Hannah Montgomery
Britney Patek
Terryn Premo
Annie Raymond
Emilie Schroder
Jason Strand
Veronika Turner
Nick Wahl